Mother’s Day Reflections

I was standing in the kitchen doing dishes when I heard my daughter, Keegan, then 2 say “ding-dong”. I asked, “Who is it?”. She answered that she was here for her a-ssage. She went into the massage room, shut the door and came out a minute later, naked to get her step stool. She went back in, shut the door and yelled, “I’m ready!”.

Now, at 14, she’s a bit shyer, but she still throws her feet on my lap most days and will talk a little more freely as I massage her. From the very beginning of her life, massage and specifically Baby’s First Massage, has been a method of communication for us and for that I am grateful!

What stories do you have about how Baby’s First Massage has affected your relationships with your children or those families you have worked with? Please share freely – it encourages us all to keep on keeping on!