Setting Up A New Class

I get many questions asking about how to set up classes. The answer goes back to marketing. Here are a few steps to think about in regards to marketing.
1. Are you prepared? Do you have a professional resume? I recent came across a website that really helped me to update my resume called My Perfect Resume. ( There was a small fee for the use of the site for 2 weeks. Once my resume was completed, I cancelled my contract with them with no problem.
2. Do you know your “30 second elevator speech”? If you have taken a Baby’s First Massage class with me, you know yours! This is vital. Be able to put our work into words that appeal to the person you are speaking with.
3. Who do you know and who do they know? Reach out, make contacts. Are you on Linked-in? Are you willing to make phone calls? For most people, this is the hardest part, but it is where the action happens!
How have you been successful at setting up new classes? Share your wisdom and experience with your fellow Baby’s First Massage instructors – there are many families to help!!