MA, Louisville, KY 2016

Excellent class!!! I would love to take any of Lauren’s classes in the future! MA, Louisville, KY 2016

DJ, Manhattan, KS, 2017

Amy is an exceptional instructor. Her calm mannerism and group involvement is a great way to learn. DJ, Manhattan, KS, 2017

JH, Manhattan, KS, 2017

This class was a great use of my time. Wonderful benefits to both moms and babies. We need this kind of teaching for our current generation of new moms and dads to help them with bonding the their baby. JH, Manhattan, KS, 2017

KS, Manhattan, KS, 2017

Great class! You’re a very engaging instructor, makes it fun. Techniques are easy to follow.” KS, Manhattan, KS, 2017

KP, Wichita, Kansas, 2017

I appreciated Amy’s teaching/sharing presence and clarity of expression. The experience that Amy brings to the information made me feel more comfortable and also wanting to learn more. KP, Wichita, Kansas, 2017

Megan, 2016

Great Course! I feel excited to teach others. Thanks, Amy!Megan, 2016

Tammie, 2016

I am super happy I took this course and intend to put it to good use in the very near future!!Tammie, 2016