Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there continuing education hours for Baby’s First Massage®?
Yes. Please click here to get this information.

Q. Can I become certified through the Baby’s First Massage® workshops?
A. If you attend the In-Class which is 16 hours of in class time or , take the home study program. To become certified with the home study program, you must complete a post test, other tasks as assigned and give five documented practice classes. After completing this work, you send all your documentation to our office, and you will receive your certification.

Q. Is this baby massage just for newborns?
A. NO! While it is ideally suited to the medically stable newborn, including a preterm baby that is at least 31+ weeks gestation, weighs at least 3 pounds, and is taking feedings, the techniques taught in this class are also appropriate for all ages. This protocol is useful when you want to calm the nervous system, no matter what the age!

Q. How long does it take to complete the home study?
A. The average time commitment for home study is 24 hours.

Q. Who is the certifying agent for Baby’s First Massage® training?
A. Our company, Baby’s First Massage is the certifying agent.

Q. Does this program prepare me to train other instructors?
A. No. This program prepares you to teach new families how to massage their babies.

Q. What is the refund policy?
A. A full refund will be issued (minus 5% is a credit card was used) if you cancel a month prior to the first day of class. If you cancel between 15 and 30 days before the class, a $50 fee is assessed. If you cancel 0-14 days before the class, a $100 fee is assessed. Notice of cancelation must be in writing via email to asullivan3@cinci.rr.com. When schools are processing registrations, their policy is the priority. Registrations can be accepted up to the first day of class.