Class Options

Class Options

What makes a successful infant massage instructor?

  • Listening and listening touch skills
  • Passion for families and love babies
  • Knowledge of program, protocol and babies bodies and spirits
  • Knowledge of how to be present
  • Marketing skills

Our training is built around helping you develop these skills and qualities. We use specific techniques that are fun, informative and practice-building. There are several new key pieces, including marketing, building our listening skills and expanded information on Neuroception and the Polyvagal theory. As a part of the new class, each student will receive the BFM protocol on the table themselves. Because of these changes, our delivery method has changed.

Baby's First Massage offers two different class options to meet your needs(both classes lead to certification):

  1. In-Class: Two days of in-person training. This is our PREFERRED METHOD of training as we believe hands on work is essential for massage therapists to learn best.
  2. Independent Study: For those who wish to study on their own or are unable to attend an in-person course. This class alone leads to certification.

Click here to enroll or click here to purchase the Independent Study Course.