Big Changes at Baby’s First Massage!

Hello everyone! We have almost made it through January! Have you found yourself snowbound the last week?
We continue to move into a new era for Baby’s First Massage and we have a big change to announce! Moving forward, anyone who has been certified with us in the past 26 years many now refer to themselves as an Accredited Infant Massage Instructor (AIMI). In fact, we encourage you to make this change as this is how you will be recognized with us. While we began as a newborn massage program, we know beyond a doubt that the techniques we use are good for every person, no matter their age. Some of use these techniques in our practice with adults when they need their nervous systems calmed. Some professionals are using it for end of life care. It is powerful work, so there is no need to identify ourselves as newborn massage instructors only. These techniques are perfect for all babies, as stated in our training materials!
So, please change your cards, websites and flyers as you can.
Our class schedule is available for 2016, so please visit the website now and join us for a refresher.
We are looking for new trainers. If you are interested in becoming a team member with Baby’s First Massage, contact Amy at
Many blessings to you and yours!