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We train qualified professionals how to teach a Baby's First Massage® class that will help parents and caregivers learn the art of listening touch (tm) through newborn massage, learn gentle massage techniques that help with rest, digestion, and elimination, how to recognize baby time out cues, how to interpret various cries and how to comfort a newborn. Being able to assist new parents in understanding their baby, from the first day they are born, is essential and empowers them to create a strong family foundation of love, esteem, and respect.



What makes our program & TRAINING unique?

Baby's First Massage® was one of the first innovative, research-based, newborn massage training programs that was supported by the medical community. It was originally developed in 1989 - 1991, in a Dayton OH NICU, Level II Nursery by Teresa Kirkpatrick Ramsey, BSN, LMT, Author, along with an esteemed medical team. There was nothing like it to offer families with newborns nor medically stable infants in the NICU. Our program has stood the test of time and has continued to be implemented (for more than 20 years) not only by professionals working in NICU's but by BFM C.N.M.I. teaching parents and caregivers.


We have a proven history of the success and positive outcomes of teaching newborn massage since 1992. We have trained several thousand people; from health care professionals to massage therapists and those working in the birth field.


The Baby's First Massage® Program is where you should begin if you work with prenatal/perinatal clients, newborns, and their families. Our program is safe and beneficial for use right from the first day of birth.


We offer a boutique, more personal style of learning. Our goal is to provide you with an enjoyable educational experience that you'll cherish forever and one that you'll actually implement. Our support doesn't stop after you're certified, we continue to help you grow your business. We are passionate about helping you succeed.


​"A new baby is like the beginning of all things

-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities."

~Eda J. Le Shan


WHO CAN BECOME A CERTIFIED Newborn massage instructor with our program?


Chiropractors & Staff


Doulas & Birth Support Staff


Early Intervention Specialists


Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Educators


Licensed Massage Therapists


LPN's & RN's


Midwives & Staff


Occupational Therapists


Pediatricians & Staff


Physical Therapists


Social Workers


Yoga Instructors



continuing education


We have proudly been approved with the esteemed organizations below. Each hold the highest standard of requirements that must be met to be approved and must be maintained in order to renew. We gladly complete the process at each renewal date for your continuing education needs. The current expiration dates are shown below.


Please be advised it is each students responsibility to ensure that their state and licensing organization accept credits from these organizations. Please confirm before purchasing the home study program as we do not offer refunds on the programs that have immediate online access.



Approved by NCBTMB for 10 ce hrs

Provider #1000684

Exp: 1/19/2025


This professional continuing education activity for licensed massage therapists has been approved with The National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.



Approved by ONA or 10.5 contact hrs

Provider #(OBN-001-91)2022-0000000270

Exp: 7/24/2024


This nursing continuing professional development activity has been approved by the Ohio Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.


DOULA'S needing ce hrs with DONA

Dona accepts the same number of hours as approved by ONA. Approved by ONA for 10.5 contact hrs with the provider # and exp as seen above.


OHIO EIDS & EI Supervisors

Approved by DODD for 10.5 CPD units / hrs

Provider #2200770-1

Exp: 9/22/2024


This continuing professional development activity for EIDS early intervention specialists and EI supervisors has been approved by DODD, Department of Developmental Disabilities. Not approved for EISC.


Physical Therapists

Approved by OPTA (1000684) for 10 ce hrs

Provider #23S1577

Exp: 5/01/2024


This professional continuing education activity for physical therapists has been approved by the Ohio Physical Therapy Association.


As a reminder, some of the above accrediting organizations are in Ohio. It is each students responsibility to ensure that their state and licensing organization accept credits from these organizations. Please confirm before purchasing the home study program as we do not offer refunds on the programs that have immediate online access.





Independent Home Study Option


In Person Workshop




The home study PROGRAM $475


Ideal for Students who cannot travel to a workshop.

You can complete the training using our home study program.


We only serve a limited number of students each month so that we can give our full attention to each participant. If the status is marked closed - sold out, we do list the next open enrollment date. If current students complete the their training sooner than projected we will open sooner so be sure to check back weekly. Enrollment seats go quickly, don't miss out.



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• Online Learning & Testing Platform

• Immediate Access After Purchase



• Printed Instructor Training Manual

• Printed Copy of the Post Test

• Class Supplies for Teaching

• Your Choice of Demonstration Doll for Teaching



+ Coupon for 15% off Any Future Workshops

+ Discounts for CNMI's Supplies



To successfully complete The Baby’s First Massage®

Independent Home Study Program learners must:

1. Read entire manual (available online and in printed form)

2. Watch online program videos

3. Complete online post test; achieving passing score of 80% or better

4. Create a teaching outline & teach 3 practice classes

5. Submit all forms via the provided online links

6. Complete a program conclusion phone call with one of our team members




• Digital BFM CNMI Certificate

• Digital Certificate of 10 ce hours earned for LMT's as approved by NCBTMB

• Digital Certificate of 10.5 contact hours earned for LPN's & RN's as approved by ONA

• Digital Certificate of 10.5 ce earned for DOULAS w DONA as approved by ONA

• Digital Certificate of 10.5 cpd units earned for EIDS & EI Supervisors as approved by DODD

• Digital Certificate of 10 ce hours earned for PT's as approved by OPTA








tax & shipping


This combines the home study program with a full day of in person training for students who want an elevated experience that includes: reviewing key information from the program, role playing the massage routine, guidance on how to teach individual and group classes, learning how to modify a class to teach with older babies, learning business development and marketing skills as well as being able to network and ask questions in person. Qualified professionals will receive the same number of ce hours as seen above in the home study program details.


In person workshops are exhilarating. There is something special that happens when you are in a group with others who share the same passion. We provide a boutique style learning environment that is personal to each learner. We believe in a mutual exchange of respect. You are investing in our business and we will provide a relaxing and beautiful environment for you to thrive and grow your business in. We are not successful, if you are not successful.



***opening more dates soon***


We sell out fast.


Click here to be added to the waiting list so

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Dates releasing soon for:


Youngstown, OH


Chicago, IL


Naperville, IL


Laguna Beach, CA


If you have a group of at least 10 attendees we will gladly travel to your location.

Inquire for details:




Meet & Greet

Review Key Points of Training

Review of The BFM Routine

(short break)

Review of how to teach Individual Classes

Review of how to teach Group Classes

(lunch break)

Review of how to teach with older babies

Focus on Business Development

Focus on MarketingTools

(short break)

Q & A & Networking


Kindly note: If you purchased The Home Study Program within a year of wanting to sign up for an in person workshop, ask us for the coupon discount code before making your purchase:




• Interpreting early newborn communications


• Interpreting newborn cries and what they mean


• How to easily comfort a newborn

• Understanding touch as a powerful means of communication

• Modulating touch to nurture the newborn

• Understanding an infant's parasympathetic nervous system

• Identifying current research to support infant massage


• Learning the Baby's First Massage® routine


• How to Teach the Baby's First Massage® routine


• How to develop and market your new skill or create an entire business with it


• And Much More!






H O M E S T U D Y & W O R K S H O P




If I have questions during the home study program will anyone answer my questions?
Absolutely! We are available via email most every day except holidays: and by phone: 1.877.955.6262 #4


9a-5p EST


Can I enroll in the home study program or attend an in person workshop even if I don't need ce/contact hours?
Yes! Be advised the cost is the same whether or not you are receiving ce/contact hours.


Will I receive additional ce hours for attending The Combo Workshop?
No, you will receive the same number of hours as seen in the home study details above. The in person workshop is to help you better understand the material, participate in a demonstration class, help build your confidence in teaching, to network with others in the program, and ask questions specific to your business needs.


What happens after I purchase the home study program?
You will receive a link via email to create an account to log into the online learning platform. You will begin reading the material and advancing through each module. We will ship the doll you chose at checkout, a printed manual, printed test and all supplies for teaching your practice classes.


What happens after I purchase the combo workshop?
You will begin by learning the information at home and we will review all the key points in person. You are not required to complete the home study before the workshop date. You will receive a link via email to create an account to log into the online learning platform. We will ship the doll you chose at checkout, a printed manual, printed test and all supplies for teaching your practice classes. You will receive information about the workshop.


Do I have to complete the home study program within a specific time frame?

No, this is a self paced program. Your purchase will never expire. If a life event happens that changes your schedule, you can step away and pick it back up when you're ready. You will always have access to the online platform.


How long does it take to complete the home study program from start to completion?
The average time commitment for the Baby's First Massage® Home Study Program is 18-20 hours. However, if you are new to developing a business it does take much more time but we are here to help you!


After I've read all the material. What is the testing process like to become certified?

1. You must pass the post test with a score of 80% or greater: the test is comprised of multiple choice and fill in the blank questions. You receive a printed copy of the test in your shipment, for your review, but you will complete it online.


2. You will prepare a class outline and conduct (3) Baby’s First Massage® Newborn Massage practice classes for parents or caregivers.


3. You will complete all forms and evaluations.


4. You will complete a program conclusion phone call with a Baby's First Massage® team member who will review your test, submitted information, welcome you and answer any questions you have.


How long does it take to receive my BFM CNMI certificate?
Once you complete the entire testing process, we will email a digital copy (that can be printed) within 24-72 hrs. Holiday's may affect these time frames.


How long does it take to receive the digital certificate showing ce hours earned as approved by the boards above?
Once you complete the entire testing process, we will email a digital copy (that can be printed) within 24-48 hrs. Holiday's may affect these time frames.


Is The Baby’s First Massage® Program the same course work and routine as other infant & baby massage training?
No, The Baby's First Massage® Program, medically developed in 1989, implemented since 1992, is one of the original programs that is a research based program approved for the newborn stage (days 1-28) and beyond. Our program is safe to use from the first day a baby is born and beyond. It can be taught to any age group. Newborn massage is gentler and meant to get parents started massaging their newborn as soon after birth as possible. Growing Baby & Toddler Massage is too stimulating for most newborns and is only appropriate after 5-6 weeks of age (with baby born full-term) and longer if the baby was premature. Our program is ideal for those working in the birth field or those who work closely with clients/patients during the prenatal and perinatal time, and with medically stable newborns (born full term and prematurely) and their families. We encourage taking additional training when wanting to expand your knowledge base and techniques for older babies and toddlers.





Who can I teach a Baby's First Massage Class® to?

Anyone who is preparing for or has recently welcomed a newborn

• Parents

• Foster parents

• All family members

• Prenatal women & families


What type of Baby's First Massage Class® can I teach?

• An individual class

• A group class

• A series of classes


Where can I teach a Baby's First Massage Class®?

• Community centers

• Doctor's offices

• Doulas offices

• Hospitals & Birthing centers

• In Home Visits

• Lactation & Breastfeeding Educator practices

• Private Massage Practices

• Mommy & Me classes

• Yoga centers or spas

•Virtually: Live Zoom


Do you sell supplies that will help me teach a Baby's First Massage Class®?

Yes and we keep pricing as low as possible to support you.


When I teach a Baby's First Massage Class®, will I be massaging the baby?

In a non-medical setting: Yes and No. The goal of the class is to teach parents how to perform the massage so they can confidently continue massaging their baby daily at home. While you may end up demonstrating strokes on the baby for parents to better grasp the technique, you will be primarily using a teaching doll, demonstrating strokes on the doll for parents to see, and giving them guidance as they perform the strokes on their baby. You will give them feedback and encouragement. This not only helps the parents gain confidence but provides a bonding experience for them both.


In a medical setting: As part of a medical care team, such as a nurse or physical therapist, you may provide direct touch to patients with or without parents being present as approved by the parents, the medical care plan, and the nurse manager or physican. You may also teach a Baby's First Massage Class® bedside if working on the postpartum floor, birthing center, or with parents in the NICU.


Can I teach workshops using my training materials from Baby's Massage Program to certify or train others?

No, this is strictly prohibited.


Can I teach The Baby's Massage Class® information to other professionals so they can use a portion or all of the class information in their businesses too?
No, this is strictly prohibited. If you know of someone who could benefit from taking the course so that they may implement it in their business, you can suggest they sign up for the home study program or take an in person workshop. We have an affiliate program where you can to earn money for referrals. Inquire for details:


Can I copy information from the manual, booklets, or videos and use them to teach or create materials or videos to sell or for making my own materials?
No, this is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved. This program is copyright protected and trademarked. No part of the manual, class companion booklet, gift booklet, videos or any materials may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photographing, photocopying, recording, or by any informational storage or retrieval system without permission in writing from us. Unfortunately we have had violators copy and print teaching materials. This is prohibited. We go above and beyond to help you succeed and keep teaching supply costs extremely low. Teaching supplies are sold at cost and were not created for us to profit, they are to help you teach and serve a purpose for the families who take a BFM class. WE VALUE YOU immensely, please respect our hard work and the integrity of the program by not violating our copyright and trademark terms.


Is there a refund policy?

Students will have immediate access to the entire program therefore refunds cannot be issued. In the case of an emergency, 100% refunds are given and can only be issued to the original credit card used at the time of purchase. If you find this course did not meet your expectations we ask that you contact us to problem solve. email: or 1.877.955.6262 # 4 After resolution has been attempted, if a student is still unsatisfied, they can forego receiving the certification and CE hours and receive a 100% refund thereafter.


We are happy to share that the Baby's First Massage Program® has been taught since 1992 and there have never been any student complaints.


Financial Relationship Statement
Baby’s First Massage® does not have any relevant financial relationship with any company whose primary business is producing, marketing, selling, re-selling, or distributing healthcare products used by or on patients.





1.877.955.6262 #4

Headquarters in Youngstown Ohio