Big Changes at Baby’s First Massage!

Hello everyone! We have almost made it through January! Have you found yourself snowbound the last week? We continue to move into a new era for Baby’s First Massage and we have a big change to announce! Moving forward, anyone who has been certified with us in the past 26 years many now refer to […]

Changes are continuing!

Hello instructors and friends of Baby’s First Massage! Let me first tell you what is not changing – the great program that was set up by Teresa – so well researched and planned. Our program of massage techniques for babies is stellar! What is changing? How we deliver the information. Our class formats have been […]

30 Second Elevator Speech

Do you know what your 30 second elevator speech is about Baby’s First Massage? If you’ve taken a class with us in the past year, you do! Here is an example of one written by a student: “I am a Massage Therapist and instructor of Baby’s First Massage. BFM is a simple, researcher-based way to […]

Setting Up A New Class

I get many questions asking about how to set up classes. The answer goes back to marketing. Here are a few steps to think about in regards to marketing. 1. Are you prepared? Do you have a professional resume? I recent came across a website that really helped me to update my resume called My […]

Mother’s Day Reflections

I was standing in the kitchen doing dishes when I heard my daughter, Keegan, then 2 say “ding-dong”. I asked, “Who is it?”. She answered that she was here for her a-ssage. She went into the massage room, shut the door and came out a minute later, naked to get her step stool. She went […]