Infant Massage Training

Infant Massage Training

Welcome prospective Baby’s First Massage® instructors!

Are you looking to:

  • Participate in a current, research based, proven training program that is respected internationally?
  • Find support materials to help you start your own baby massage business?
  • Learn through hands on workshops or home study (available globally)?
  • Be connected with a network of massage professionals certified in infant massage?
  • Become a preferred provider for families who want to learn infant massage?

Baby’s First Massage® offers all that and more!

Since 1992, we have trained thousands of healthcare professionals, massage therapists, doulas, and chiropractors to instruct new parents and caregivers in the art of newborn massage. Our approach is based on understanding a baby’s responses and readiness and then learning to communicate through “listening touch.”

What makes this program so successful?

Uses Current Research: We are constantly reading the latest studies and articles and incorporating new findings into our courses.

Understands Newborns: We know that infants have unique physiological needs and limitations, and we tailor our training to accommodate individual babies.

Strengthens Families: Through teaching parents infant massage, we teach them to communicate with their babies in a positive, respectful way which leads to a strong family foundation.

Promotes Respect: The foundation of our program is love. We focus on the importance and joy of listening to babies and engaging in a powerful but simple interaction that reinforces the value of life.

Scales to Meet Your Needs: After being certified through Baby’s First Massage®, you will be qualified to teach both large and small groups with newborns or practicing on dolls.

What will I learn?

After completing the coursework and receiving your certification, you will be able to:

  • Identify current research that supports infant massage
  • Discuss your knowledge of touch as a powerful means of communication
  • Interpret and describe early infant communications
  • Describe how to modulate touch to nurture a newborn
  • Describe and demonstrate the positive, proactive parenting skill of newborn massage on a doll
  • Describe how to enhance an infant’s parasympathetic nervous system
  • Develop a plan to conduct a Baby’s First Massage® training session

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